Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Spring is Coming!

The weather has started to turn, and I am loving it--no more thermals, coats, gloves and scarfs. Yes! I love the Spring here in Korea; it is seriously so beautiful! The cherry blossoms are already starting to spring out just a little bit. Here are some highlights from the week:

On Monday we went to one of the three churches in our mission boundaries that has a basketball court and balled out for like 5 hours. Because of the recent schedule changes for missionaries, Pday has been stretched out and there is more time to do fun things. I swear if there was a crowd watching, the people would be chanting my name (haha).  There were like 26 missionaries involved, so we had a ball. We ended the day with the delicacy of Costco pizza, which is a rare treat in the life of a Korean missionary.

On Thursday we had kind of a funky thing happen. Right now we are living in a four man house--Elder Lee and I and then Elder Dalley who is from Springville and Elder Myeong who is a Korean as well.  The special thing about Elder Myeong is that he is like 26 years old. He has graduated from college, fulfilled his Military obligation, lived a year in Europe for work, and is also a convert of only about 3 years! In Korea, there is a mandatory military system for 2 years, which Elder Myeong completed like 5 years ago, but every few months you have to go back in for a day for some training in preparation for war that might come. On Thursday Elder Myeong had that day long training and so we just dropped him off in his military clothes with a bunch of other former soldiers and then worked as a threesome. The reason it was so funky is because we had scheduled 3 appointments and Elder Myeong and Elder Dalley's team had 3 scheduled too! We were just running to and from appointments for both teams, but it was a lot of fun and we met a lot of new people.

The highlight was a guy named Ike. He is the other team's investigator and is fluent in English. He lived in North Carolina for something like 20 years, so he even had a southern accent. It turns out his entire life he has been looking for a religion that fits him and feels true. We were able to have a great chat about faith using Alma's parable in Alma 32 and he really enjoyed it. Finally after some time, I just felt really strongly I should ask him "what if the Mormon Church was the church that he had been looking for, and that he didn't have to search any longer?" In response, he said one of the coolest things ever: he paused for a second and then in a kind of low and soft voice said, "well if that were to be the case, then the Mormon Church would get one strong believer." BOOM! Sick!

Things are pretty dang good here in Korea! Love you all and hope all is well.

Keep it real!
Elder Jenkins

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