Monday, March 20, 2017


I have so much to say because I loved last week so much. The weirdest thing was, though, for most of the week we were so caught up with jobs that kept us off of the streets. You can bet I was a little bitter about that.

We picked up all of the new missionaries from the airport and it was a really fun ride back on the subway. It is semi-hilarious, and also an incredibly spiritual experience, to see kids first exposure to a brand new language, a brand new people, and, for most of them, a completely new transportation system! The last one being the sketchiest; luckily this time we didn't lose any. But actually a really cool thing happened: the first person we talked to was not very interested at all (put in headphones when I was in the middle of introducing us--that wasn't the cool part trust me), so after that happened I turned around and asked the fresh missionaries what they would at least like to say in English to someone. I just told them to think about it for the next time we had the opportunity to talk to someone. Right at that moment, I saw a girl staring at us so I waved and walked right over and this is where I got really shocked! She just looked like some ordinary Korean girl, but ended up being a girl from Japan who was really curious about religion. So, instead of fighting the huge language barrier of Korean, the new missionaries and I got to teach the lady in English. I was kind of thinking "I should have given them just a little bit more time to think," but we nevertheless had a great talk with her and it really opened up the doors for the rest of our 2 hour ride. Also right before we had to get off the subway, I said hi to one more guy and I looked at his phone and he was right in the middle of sending his sister a picture he had taken of us, to ask who we were--great excuse to introduce myself! That doesn't happen every day.

Okay I am just going to skip all the way yesterday, which was the best day of the week for sure. We had a baptism!!!!!!! This is the guy who we first met only about a month ago. He just randomly came to church after I had sent a text a few days earlier. We gave him a date that day, and met him literally 5 times after that day and the sixth time was his baptismal interview. I really have never seen someone like this guy on my mission. I love him. Such a fantastic person sent from God. I know that! I didn't do anything! He came to us--in his words "God led me here." He knows it, and so do I! It was literally one month exactly from the first time we met to his baptismal day. Amazing. The Gospel does matter, and it makes a difference. Even in just a short month, I saw it change a man's life. Such a humbling experience.

Also yesterday we were FINALLY able to get outside and we had a district street boarding activity. We even took a couple of members and went hard. We gave away maybe 30 copies of the BOM and I was just eating it up. The only problem is that sometimes when we go all out like that, I get suuuper excited and a little crazy. I wonder sometimes if other people think I am drunk--it is just completely opposite of Korean culture to say 'hi' to even just one stranger let alone nearly yelling to a crowd of 25 people. I just try not let my face get too red, that way it doesn't seem too legit that I am drunk. Ah, spreading the Gospel is so sick. I love it!
I hope you all had a great week. Spend your week well!
Love you,

Elder Jenkins
We copied this off of the Mission President's blog:
Seth and his companions tracted out this person in August and he was baptized last week!

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