Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Korean Fried Chicken is True!

The Newest Chapel in Korea
Because this week was so sick, I thought I would take some extra time to write this email. This week was so diverse and incredibly busy.

Here is how it looked~

On Monday, we had a cool district p-day where we played ping pong, board games and stuff like that, and then we ordered chicken! I think I have borne my testimony to you all before on how delicious Korean fried chicken is, but once again I will say...there is nothing more delicious. I have come to know that to be true on my mission! If you want proof, look at the belly folks.

Tuesday we met with an investigator and were able to set a baptismal date with him! He is a cool kid too. His parents had like locked him in the house and told him he couldn't leave, but he snuck out because he wanted to learn. However, there is a bit of a dilemma with him though: every Sunday he is too busy to come to church. Most people are pretty good at excuses when it come to Sunday morning church attendance, but this guy is maybe the best I have heard. Every single Sunday he serves the Elderly from 9-1 (haha).

On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, I was involved with mission training and it took a ton of time, but it was a lot of fun meeting so many missionaries. My only complaint is that it cut into time for my favorite: missionary work!

Then on Friday and Saturday, I went on exchanges with my last companion Elder Olson and we met with one of my favorite people from the Gokbanjeong area. It definitely was a time of reminiscing! 

Sunday without a doubt ended up being the coolest day! A guy we had never met showed up because he had received a text from me a few days earlier (someone obviously had at least acquired contact information from him earlier). He told us that he was already attending another church once in a while but was curious at the "timing" of my text and that essentially just led him to our church--AWESOME! He sat next to me in sacrament while the other white missionary and I were translating. As we are translating, I heard this little muffled sound to my right side and I looked over and this guy had his eyes GLUED to the speaker, almost following every movement of the speaker's lips. And then I heard the voice again kind of quietly but loud enough for me to catch it this time: "Amen!" I was semi-shocked. I had never actually heard someone do that in a church, and especially not someone who was attending for the first time! He absolutely loved it! SO then in the next class as well, guess who is full on participating: our man Brother Lee! He was laughing, smiling, and sharing thoughts. Sooo dope.  So we sat down after church and asked about when he first met missionaries and what he knew about the church--stuff like that. It ended up being a 45 minute lesson that ended with a baptismal date and a commitment to read the BOM and to come to church every week! My favorite line from the meeting: "Can someone my age be a missionary like you too??" This was actually hisfirst question.  Golden....? We also met a kid late that night and although it was our first time meeting him as well, we were blessed to be able to set a date with him too!

Lately in my mission I have really been seeing how important goals are for us and how they can also really bless others! As we set goals and push hard to accomplish them, others can see that example of improvement and success and then they often follow that example and set their own goals for improvement.

My week was so so great! It is crazy to me how fun the Gospel can be. The old saying "It is what you make it" has definitely been true in my life! I love it!
And I love you too^^

Elder Jenkins

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