Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Transfers Bundang it

This past week was a lot work (mission work) and not a lot of my favorite work (missionary work), but I still found joy in the work! And to conclude the week, the wonderful and habitual season of transfer calls came upon our mission. Let me give you a quick rundown.

On Monday, we had a big basketball tourney and it was a lot of fun as usual. We also got to eat the beloved Costco cake.

Tuesday, we had a meeting for younger missionaries and Elder Lee and I did some fun acting! I played Satan in this role-play (haha I know what you are thinking, "he is a perfect fit!" and you are right). The idea of the role-play was to emphasize using time wisely, and literally every comment afterward was something like "I really loved how Satan was depicted in this roleplay"or "Satan does exactly that! He pretends to be our friend, and he is kind of loud and obnoxious." I just started to assume they were no longer describing Satan anymore, they were just describing me. I guess I should try and tune down the acting skills, and wait for Hollywood after the mish.

Wednesday Thursday and Friday (hmmm, I can't remember), but I know we went on exchanges with the other elders in our house and set a baptismal date with a guy who was referred by his non-member friend. Sick! We actually weren't totally sold on him, but he surprised us and showed up for church. Near the end of sacrament, he told us that he probably should go, but he ended up staying for Gospel Principles class; then near the end of Gospel Principles, he leaned over and told us again that it looked like he needed to go, but he didn't! He stayed for the third hour and also for the lunch afterwards. Something kept him here. It turns out he has some serious potential! Sweet.

On Friday, we made transfer calls! I found out a few days in advance from President that I am moving once again--this time to Bundang! That is my 6th area and it looks like I will be spending my last two transfers there. Kind of sad to be leaving this area and position, but always ready for a new challenge! After transfer calls, it is always so chaotic but I have been enjoying it! I got a lot of pictures with some members that I love and I also spoke for a little bit in Sacrament Meeting! To cap it off, I got to pull out the skills I learned from the MTC Choir experience: I participated in Ward Choir! Yeaahhhh! I was sure they were going to give me a solo...maybe next time! (haha)

This week was just great. Although it is sad to learn about leaving an area, and things like that, it is always possible to be happy! That might be one of the biggest lessons I have learned on my mission. We can choose happiness! I hope I can continue to learn much in my limited remaining time as a missionary! This is the greatest time ever. 

I love you all!
Elder Jenkins

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