Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Change, the Name of the Game

This week was sooo much fun--not just one day, though. Literally everyday was mad money. I love my life so dang much. Let me do my best to explain my heaven in a few paragraphs. Buckle up!!

Monday~ Was like the coolest pday of my mission! There was a mission-wide pday activity where we rented out a big sports complex for 2 hours, and we played soccer, basketball, foot volleyball, and kickball. It was so fun! We split everyone into teams and formed big rally crowds and everything. There were literally people all over the field coming to watch us. Koreans, I think, were amazed at a bunch of crazy foreigners playing kickball and chanting! We also had a 3K and you might not be surprised that I sluffed out and got an ice cream.

Tuesday~ Was my last day in Songpa and so I visited some people and took my luggage to my new house. It was also the anniversary of the North Korean Military establishment, so it was a pretty intense day for South Koreans! There were jets flying all over the place. I am sure it was just us (South Korea) letting them (North Korea) know that we were prepared, but it was kind of intense walking around on the streets that day.

Elder Dalley
Wednesday~ This was the craziest morning of my mission for sure! New missionaries usually arrive at about 5 pm on Tuesday afternoon, but because of all the noise coming from the North, their flight got delayed for 12 hours which, if you do the math, means the early hours of Wednesday we were at the airport! We woke up at 2:45 and to help ourselves wake up a little more we went and played ping pong. At 4:00 am, we left for the airport. It was definitely the longest day of my mission. But it was also a lot of fun because we got some good work done. I got my two new companions: Elder Kim who is waiting for his visa to go to California on his mission, and Elder Goon who is in his 4th transfer. I am loving life with them!
Thursday~ I forgot.. Street contacting for sure. We don't really have any investigators in this new area. We did visit some recent converts and had our first District Meeting.

Friday and Saturday~ Proselyting (my fav).

Sunday~ First Sunday in Bundang, and I killed the opening talk (haha). Elder Kim and I did a combined joke that the ward thought was really funny (it was about accents--he has a Busan accent and I have an American accent--maybe only funny if you are Korean). However, it instantly got us several meal invites! We also bounced back to Songpa and went to a baptism of a kid that I had been teaching there with Elder Lee. Super fun baptism and he looked soo happy! It really was a great fresh start for a kid who has had a hard past. 

This week was soo amazing. I love this work!!! I hope you all are loving life! See ya!
Elder Jenkins
Goodbye to the Mission Home-What a Great 3 Months!
Awesome Investigator!

3AM Ping Pong

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