Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Great Refreshing Week!!

I had a super good time last week!! We went to the TEMPLE!!!!!!!!!!! It was the first time in like 6 months. I flipping missed the Temple and the feelings you can receive there. The temple was definitely the highlight of my week, but we did have some other cool experiences.

We met with some active members, some less active members, some investigators, and even missionaries, but my favorite thing was definitely working with the less active members. Two of them that we focused on this week were people that I actually interviewed for baptism a year ago! They are coworkers and the one referred the other to the missionaries. They were both absolutely cemented in the church and the doctrine. Sadly, a few months after their baptisms, one small step after another, and one trial after another led one of them to less activity. That one then pulled the other one into less activity as well. And the truth is, sometimes I can really really understand them for not wanting to come out to church--trials can be so difficult and belonging to the church here can be very hard. They were both really struggling and were really hurting. The one thing that Elder Goon and I wanted to share with them this week was that no matter what, no matter the trial or the pain, there is nothing that can replace what this church can do. And even more than the church, God himself! God is where it is at. He is at the center of everything. He heals us!

I love the church and all of the things that come with it! Our experiences, whether we view them from our imperfect sight as good or bad, are worth it, and there is always a reason for everything. I Love It! 

Also, last night as a mission we held a "Special Music Night" kind of thing, which was set apart as a time for recent converts to share their testimonies and musical talents, and also for missionaries to share their talents. And it was DOPE! There is this lady who is a pretty famous singer here in Korea who was just baptized in my ward, and she wrote this song about the first vision and it was mad money!!! Yes, it was Sunday, and yes, we were in a Stake Center, but you bet your bottom dollar I stood up clapping and hollering after her performance. Man, the whole evening was legit. Music is such a great way to feel the Spirit and to have a flipping ball!

I am absolutely loving my mission. We are working hard, we are having fun, and I am feeling and learning so much! This is the greatest thing in the world.

I love you all! Have a good one!
Elder Jenkins

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