Wednesday, June 7, 2017

What in the World Happened ??

Holy smokes!! I cannot believe it, but today begins my last transfer as a missionary. I really didn't even think about it until yesterday in church when some other missionaries were giving their little farewell talks in Sacrament, and I realized that I would be doing that in just six short weeks. Not just to another area, though, try a few hours away: 14. What in the world happened!?!?! I am a dead man.

This week really was a good one! We finally picked up some new investigators with great potential, we played some streetball, and we had a BBQ! For the first time on my mission, I had roasted marshmallows!!!!!!! What an experience. Oh jeez, I almost forgot: we also had root beer floats (another barbecue). I should just change the heading to "Merica Week!" It has been so long that it really did feel like I was trying those foods for the first time in my life. 

So on Thursday and Friday, I was on exchanges in the Zone Leaders area, which is like one of the richest areas in our mission. The timing happened to be perfect in that we had a dinner appointment with one of the more wealthy members that night. I am not complaining. Anything is better than our usual Ramen and Seaweed at the apartment! The weird thing was, though, when we looked on the map to find his house, it was like cleaaar out into the countryside--which usually means he is either living in some weird old shack or nice brand new apartment. Well we get out there and were looking around for his apartment, and when we get to the address, all we saw is a house. In truth, we were confused because in Korea like literally NO ONE lives in a house. Luckily, the guy stepped outside and said, "Elders! Head around to the back yard! We will be right there with the food!" Wait. Slow down... BACK YARD!?!?! I literally have never seen a house with a back yard my entire mission. And, even better, when we got back there, he had a flipping GRILL! I was losing it. I had totally forgotten those were even a thing. Needless to say, we ate really well that night, and the absolute most bat-crazy part was that right before we left, he pulled out a portable fire place thing and a bag of marshmallows and said "Dessert!" We did use chopsticks to roast the marshmallows. This may have been the happiest and coolest member meal I have experienced. 

On Saturday, for an Elders Quorum party, we had a BBQ! We had root beer floats and even no-bake cookies! Hahaha, what in the heck happened this week? Right after the BBQ, we ran to meet one of our new investigators at a nearby station and when we got there he said, "Elders you like baseball right?" Uhhh yeah! Then he said, "Well I have a friend who I want to introduce to you guys, and he is the manager of a screen baseball joint, and he wants to play some ball with you." So we went and played screen baseball and ate chicken with an investigator and his friend for free. And they are totally down to keep meeting and they agreed to come to church. Awesome! 

We had a lot of fun this week, but it seems like whenever you seem to reach a high, there is a low that follows and for us that came on Saturday night: Transfer Calls. Elder Goon is getting transferred! So sad. I cannot believe how close the two of us became in just six very short weeks. I hate transfers! But as I have learned many times before, change can be a really good thing.

Anyway, I have taken a lot of time to try and write this so it makes sense today and even with that I am still pretty sure the grammar is not correct, so I will give up now.

I love you all, and I hope you can find joy in the highest of times as well in the lowest of times. Have a good one!

Elder Jenkins

View from the HOUSE

Marshmellow Roase

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