Monday, June 26, 2017

A Little Catch Ball and a Game of Frogger

This week was so awesome. We saw so many cool things happen, and finally got to see some more fruits of our labors! We also had a lot of fun moments this week which are always necessary in this work! On the bad side, it is humid as crap out here!!!!! I am dying, but Koreans make sick nasty popsicles and tasty ice cream. Bitter sweet (haha).

In the early part of the week, we had some really fun and atypical things happen to us. On Monday we went ham at the local sports complex with like 35 missionaries and had some games of soccer, foot volleyball, and we even got to play some "catch ball" as the Koreans call it (Baseball Catch). It was awesome! Also that night we got really lost trying to find a restaurant to meet one of our wards' recent converts, and while doing so we illegally walked through a highway tunnel and played a legit game of frogger. Scary! Yikes!

On Wednesday, there was a sick annual combined Zone Conference at this big mountain in our area. As we hiked up the treacherous slope, we would stop along the way and receive training from the Turners as well as the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders. We were told to carry rocks in our backpacks, symbolizing something that was slowing us down or holding us back in our missionary work, and it was powerful! Elder Malo and I didn't mess around; we packed flipping boulders! It really was way heavy and the best feeling when finally at the peak of our ascension we got to throw them away and leave them behind. Quite the moving object lesson for me. That is totally what the Atonement is about; giving Christ the load and actually letting him take it. The weight literally disappears! Pretty cool.

During the week , we were also able to find some new investigators--one being a suuuper huge miracle! He had met with the missionaries in 2007, but then lost contact because of military and college and things like that. About a year ago, he was able to get a hold of missionaries once again, but was busy and couldn't find time to meet. Now a year later, he has time and major interest. Yesterday at church, he introduced himself in Elders Quorum and said in his introduction,that he feels like there was no coincidence in him meeting us again, and that he feels like God is basically telling him, "now is the time and now is the opportunity." How sick!!! Also, he is a HUGE baseball fan, and loves to play as well. When we first met him and he found out Elder Malo and I also once played baseball, he about lost it! He literally was sooo hyped, and requested not only that we teach him the Gospel, but also that we help him improve his velocity on his fastball! Of course, I am down. Oh man it was so funny! At the end of the first lesson, Elder Malo very sincerely and seriously and also quite obviously referring to the lesson asked him, "Do you have any last questions, or things you are curious about?" SuHyeon comes back with a super earnest and stern look, he paused for a few seconds (seeming to be collecting thoughts and/ or quite possibly just trying to take in the feelings he had), and then he said, "Yeah... How can I put more umph on my fourseamer?" hahahaha Pretty cool investigator.

Anway, we tore up Bundang this week. I love it baby! 

I hope you all have a most dope week. Until next!
Elder Jenkins

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