Sunday, June 18, 2017


This week was quite the fun one. I have really been enjoying myself recently. I have started to think that it is hard not to be happy when you are working for the Lord. I am having the greatest flipping two year experience that there ever was! Last week was just another addition to the party!

Monday: We went balling and I crashed into the wall once going after a loose ball. Korean churches do not have padded walls, so I came away with a nasty bruise (I've had a lot of those before).

Tuesday: We met this homeboy named Mr. An, and we had a very in-depth conversation with him about the church. It really was a lot of fun, and at the start of the meeting I had the thought that this guy was sprinkled in gold. However, as time passed I realized it was much more of the opposite. He did have interest, but only in studying the Bible. We can of course help with that, but he told us that would rather "stay on his path." Then he told us he was already too deep into the church he goes to now, and that learning about another church would hurt his public image.  Needless to say, I don't think we will be meeting with him in the future.

Wednesday-Saturday: This is when the title will make more sense! For some reason, we were fed like kings the latter part of the week. It started with the Bishop taking all of the missionaries out to a burger place called Shake Shack, and it was the most legit burger I have had since my mission started. Hands down! Oh man it was so sick. I will be honest, though, my stomach was not ready for full blown American food, but that didn't stop Elder Malo and I going back there the next day and eating it again!

On Saturday night, we went and played our weekly riverside court basketball game with some investigators! It was lots of fun and some new friends made. After doing so, we ate my favorite: Chicken!!!! 

And to close the delicious week, we went out to the Military Base and ate with a less active family from Texas, and they gave us legit tacos (with sour cream, cheese, hot sauce, and even guacamole--all of which are not Korean typicals). Yes, I was jumping up and down like a little middle schooler. It was so awesome. But besides the great food, it actually ended up being one of the more spiritual nights of my mission. In Korea there are a lot of less active members of the church, and when I say a lot, I mean the majority. All of them have different backgrounds and different reasons for leaving (or not stayin). This family in particular has some big barriers in the way, and it is a really sensitive and kind of a tough problem. Well last night as we were talking, I felt a really overwhelming feeling that the most important thing that we can do as members of the church, no matter the circumstance or the difference between us, is to love the other person and to be there for that person. I felt like I should tell them that, and that whether or not they were in or out of the church right now, it would not stop me from trying to become closer with them and trying to show my love to them. They were actually really touched, and honestly so was I! I didn't think I had those words in me, but I am happy they came out. My understanding of the church that I attend and my  understanding of the Savior seemed to really grow. I am awfully thankful for learning through experiencing. It is hard to forget when it happens like it did to me yesterday. 

This Gospel truly is complete and it is true. It is also freaking fun to me! I get hyped just thinking about the stuff that has happened to me because of it. I hope you all feel the same! 

I sure love you all! Keep it real!
Elder Jenkins

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