Monday, February 15, 2016

Chinese New Year

This week was just mostly fun although we did not have a ton of appointments. Korea! But we are working to change that!

One of the best things came at the start of the week: It was the Chinese New Year, which is a big deal!! That translates to NO PEOPLE OUT.  Everyone gets the week off and they all go back to their hometown which literally is always clear out in the boonies, so it makes it tough to meet or even see people. I am being very literal when I say that you sometimes will not even see a person outside while you are on a 30 minute walk. It is crazy! So we had a mission conference instead. And it was dope! We had some great training, and we rode the subway where we actually found... wait for it... people! So I had fun going to the conference and coming back.  I also learned a lot of good things, and my companion gave his last talk, which made me flippin emotional.  I am going to miss this guy (he goes home in two weeks).

Later in the week we tried sticker boarding as a few people were back in town, and I had another first doing that:  some teenage girl kinda snuck up behind me and whispered in my ear "Hey handsome boy" hahahaha! I almost screamed; I was so freaked! But it turns out, she might have interest in ENGLISH and the gospel--Not me.

Then later in the week we met with the less active who came to church last week; we went hiking with him and taught him a lesson. He told us he really is looking for spiritual experiences and that he really liked church. He truly is ready to come back which is so cool. Yesterday, we met a LA lady who I have been wondering about forever--her phone number doesn't work and the address we have is wrong, so we haven't been able to get a hold of her.  Anyway she came back to church yesterday as well!  AWESOME! After church we went and hung out with another less active member who is close to our age; we took ramen and brownies and just let him talk for a while. It was really good. We left him with a message, and I think it got him right in the heart strings. Less Actives are so great. I love these people!

Highlight of the week: My companion did a Baptismal Interview for the other Elders' investigator and he passed! About 2 weeks and he will be in the waters.

Other news- 
1. Ate eel, and it was crazy good!
2. Ate raw sting ray and I loved it. I only had a small piece and then it was gone, but it was legit. My comp had like 3 pieces, though, and he said it had some really weird side effects! I'm glad I didn't eat too much!
3. Also ate some fish that had both of its eyes on one side of its head.  It was the ugliest thing I have ever seen, but it was also wayyyyy good! Go Korea!
4. We went to the Aquarium last P-day and it was pretty impressive.
It was a great week out here!  Still awfully cold:  Saturday was 17 degrees and yesterday was -11.
Elder Jenkins

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