Monday, February 22, 2016

Cow Head Soup

Last week with the best guy ever!

Yikes! Already at seven months.  I really cannot believe that. It really is sad. But we had a good week, so all is well in Suwon!

Last Monday wasn't actually P-day for us, which means ... we went to the Temple on Thursday. And yes, I loved it so much! Actually this big group of Russian people were there, and they couldn't speak a word of Korea or English and yet they they were doing their Family Work. How cool was that experience! Oh man. I couldn't help but smile at them; they were all so so happy to be doing the work for their ancestors. For them, that really could have been a once in a lifetime trip to the temple, and it really did show with the way they treated the sessions. Seeing them sent me into thoughts about how easy it really is to take for granted Family History and especially serving others in the Temple. I know I am going to work on being more grateful for my once-in-a-transfer trip to the Temple. It was really a good experience.

So after the Temple, Elder Ely and I went to this super amazing meat buffet, and I pounded! It was expensive, so I got our money's worth! Then on the subway ride home, some really really old grandma motioned me over to sit by her, so I promptly did so.  After I sat down, I was kind of just looking at her, not knowing what she needed, and she pulled out a paper with music on it. The words  were in English, and she just proclaimed that I "Sing!" (hahaha) I was like way startled and so I just kind of looked around and all the other missionaries on the subway were just laughing at me.  There were no help at all! Then she told me to sing again, so I just decided to wing it. I couldn't figure out the tune or anything, but I tried my best and it sure made her happy! But honestly, I haven't felt that awkward in a  looong time. It is funny now, but it was really embarrassing then.

This week, we were also fed fried chicken 3 nights in a row! It was sooo good, but terrible at the same time. By the way, Koreans have fried chicken down to an art. Oh man, like wayyy better than American chicken. Needless to say, I gained a couple of Kilos this week!

We were also fed Cow Head Soup this week--brain, tongue, and everything else right into the soup! Not gonna lie, that one was hard to get past. But I finished the bowl.  I definitely didn't ask for more.

This week, we also taught quite a few lessons, and we picked up a family! What a blessing that was. And they are awesome.  We are meeting them again tonight, and it feels really great.

I had an awesome week, filled with the Lord's humorous hand! I hope all of you did as well!
Elder Jenkins

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