Monday, February 29, 2016

New Flat; New Scenery

Sunrise from our New Flat

Man this week was insane.  It was easily one of the best weeks in a loooong time. I cannot believe how busy we were, but it made for a productive week. But where to start? AH!

Okay, here is how the fun began: On Monday (P-day), we finished all of our packing preparations to move to the new house (our old apartment sold),  and then we hit up a glorious Bathhouse. Those things are so stinking legit! So after coming out a new man, we ate at an all-you-can-eat buffet called VIPS, and it was so awesome.  It had Salmon, ribs, chicken, everything basically.  It was great! Then we went to a family's house (it is pretty pointless to tell you their names because you won't be able to read them) but it went well. We taught them the first lesson, along with some English, and they were very accepting.
Packing argh!

The next day, Tuesday, we moved. The move took like ALL day!  It was crazy. On Wednesday, we had interviews with our Mission President and those were also legit. He is such a boss! On Thursday I went on exchanges with a Zone Leader and we literally just went finding the whole time, and it was really fun. Then on Friday we had this huge English Advertisement thing with almost our whole Zone and it was a blast! I have never seen that many people surrounding our sticker boards. While we were there, we decided that we should call this Less Active Member who lives right where we were.  He actually came out and hung with us. He told us he wants to be a good baseball player, so I told him I played way back in the day.  Well one thing lead to another... and guess what my new name is? Coach Jenkins! That night we actually went to a batting cage thing and he took some swings... and I couldn't help but take some myself! It was so fun! But I definitely have lost some skills.  I think I will just stick to the title Elder Jenkins for now. It really was a fun night with him, and I think that slowly but surely he is going to come back.

Then on Saturday we had maybe the coolest thing happen in my entire LIFE! The other elders' investigator got baptized!!! Man it was so sick!!!! His name is 무초  which believe it or not sounds like Mucho (just like the word in Spanish). It was a hectic time leading up the the actual baptism as well. I have a funny story that will explain this perfectly: So about 30 minutes before it started, the person performing the baptism told us he had forgotten an extra pair of underwear and he needed us to run and grab some, so we literally ran back to our house and picked those up.  On the way back, we saw Mucho like in full sprinting fashion.  We chased after him and asked what he was doing (thinking maybe he had a last second change of mind) and what do you know? He had forgotten extra underwear too! (haha) He was looking for a store to buy some real quick. Classic! Everything worked out though, and the baptism went great.  Easily, the best thing I heard this week were Mucho's words in Sacrament yesterday after he received the Gift of the Holy Ghost: "I just feel so good."  How cool is that!

This really is what the gospel does for us! It brings in those good feelings that truly cannot be matched elsewhere. Remember those feelings, and don't forget them. They really do change lives.

Also on Sunday, a Filipino girl came to church.  She sat by me, but she doesn't speak Korean, so she asked me to translate.  I really tried to focus and pay attention, and I was able to translate almost the whole meeting for her.  I know it wasn't me.  I had heavenly assistance.  I really feel like the Spirit just kind of took over, and it sure was fun.  And then, I taught Elder Quorum's meeting in Korean as well.  Crazy day.

This week we also received our transfer call and I found out that I am staying in Singpung!!! Life sure is great right now, and I hope all of yours is as well! Remember, it always can with the Spirit.

Elder Jenkins

View of the  Hwaseong Fortress Wall from our Flat

Paldulmun  The South Gate

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