Monday, February 8, 2016

그래 야생마!!! geulae yasaengma!!! Yeah Broncos!!!!

Gangnam Style?

WOW, quite the week it was. It was one of those weeks that makes missionary work really really tough and honestly just depressing. But it was a week that I learned from as well. There is always something we can learn, right?

First of all, the most depressing part of all: the Super Bowl is not a thing in Korea.  For me, of course, that was heart breaking news. But through my email updates, it sounds like I am having a really good start to this week! YEAH! I have seriously been waiting for the Broncos to win the Super Bowl my entire life.

Honestly, though, I just want to talk about one awesome thing this week. On Tuesday, we were sticker boarding by the BIG subway station in our area, and it was a packed house. Seriously there were sooo many awesome people. But nothing crazy happened until we were just about to leave. We saw this girl with a guy and they are pretty close to our age and she saw us and just stopped and started jumping up and down.  She was so excited to talk! She just yelled at us: "I am doing missionary work right now! He is Less Active and I am working so hard with him!!! HELP!"

What a surprise that was. I have literally looked through all 900 of the records in our house, and I honestly couldn't recognize who this guy was.  SO we got him to start talking to us, and he had an awesome story. He was baptized in 2009 and almost immediately after joining the church, he started a huge business/schooling trip. And guess how long it lasted? 7 years..  It ended just two weeks ago, and that is the first time he has been back in Korea in all that time. And we "happened" to run into him! God seriously is so great! Naturally, we really built up the relationship, and, what do you know, HE CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY!!!! Yeah! It was so awesome! It truly made me so happy. And I think the best part were his words after church: "Wow, I've really missed that." This
Gospel changes lives.

Other than that, not much else good happened this week to be brutally honest.  It was a tough week. On Wednesday, 4 of our appointments cancelled and the rest of the week was very similar. I think the investigator that actually had the baptismal date for this month is dropping us right now. It seems that not a lot has gone our way this week, but our miracle on Tuesday was all I needed! 

Life really is full of soooo many ups and downs, but if we can just cling to the rod, ALL will be well! Trust God, and all things will ultimately work for our benefit.

I love every one of you who reads this! Don't forget it! Have a week! And tell grandpa I am praying for him.

Elder Jenkins

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