Monday, February 1, 2016

Simulated Baseball Champs

They call it Screen Baseball and it was so dope!

Sort of a slow week to be honest, but we still made it fun. The weather also warmed up a lot, so I was naturally much more joyful!  We literally had more appointments than than ever before this week.  Unfortunately, we also had more cancellations than ever before.  Dang!  Don't they understand how important our message is???

So to start things off, we played screen baseball last p-day with some members, and it was such a blast!!! I have never heard of it, but it was basically a simulated baseball game with video pitcher and batting cage type hitting.  I don't think it exists in America, certainly not Manti. It was legit! And honestly, it is pretty accurate so it made it intense. I found out that Koreans are really really competitive.  My companion and I were on one team and we just dominated, which we probably shouldn't have done because after it was all said and done, they invited us to come back to play Jokgu! It is the Korean man's sport, and it is seriously soccer and volleyball mixed. I think we are in trouble for the rematch. Anyway, simulated baseball was a blast!

That went deeeep!!  Clear to the back of the screen haha!

On Wednesday, we did my favorite thing:  sticker Boarding. It really was such a good time! We made so many great contacts and I just enjoyed myself; it is soo fun because you literally get to talk to like hundreds of people in the span of maybe 45 minutes--lots of conversations.

This week we were able to teach at least a few lessons, and we did a LOT of proselyting.

I also tried Maeuntang this week, which is a super spicy Korean soup with a big fish right there in the middle of the bowl.  It was really legit and I've gotten used to whole fish in my soup, but this one had TWO eyes on one side staring up at me.  Oh well, yummm!  Korean food is such an adventure and so delicious, I'm not sure I ever want to eat American food again.

I don't have any more time, but I love you guys! Have a good week!

Elder Jenkins
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